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Confidential, compassionate help is just a click away.

Your story is unique and important. And our network of specialists is ready to listen and come alongside you with safe, smart support.

We are a network of ministries united under a common goal of supporting the well-being of pastors, missionaries, ministry leaders, and their families through safe, Biblically-founded care.

Our mission: to support, heal, and shepherd ministry leaders for the glory of Christ and His church.

Pastor Support Network ~ We’re here for you!

I Have No One

I have no one like you who just listens to me sort my way through my hurts and concerns.

– Head of Church Women’s Ministry

I Felt Supported

PSN has been a huge help in guiding our rapidly growing church through a time or rapid transition and restructuring. I also felt supported personally.

-Executive Pastor

Such a Gift From God

Just to have someone listen and feel some of the pain I experienced on the mission field was such a gift from God.

Missionary Couple Returning from the Field

Changed My Life

Shepherd’s Heart Ministry, one of Pastor Support Network’s partners, has truly changed my life.  I have been able to seek forgiveness, give forgiveness and even forgive myself – taking back the ground I gave to the enemy.

-Anonymous Pastor

Get Support

Your story is unique and important. And our network of specialists and professionals is ready to listen and come alongside you with confidential, wise support.

The Pastor Support Network is a member of Full Strength Network.

Full Strength Network exists to help you monitor your wellbeing and connect to strengthening resources such as MinsitryPulse™, StrengthJourneys™, & StrengthCare™. We are proud to be a Full Strength Network StrengthCare™ provider.

Well-Being Support

When you detect that you may be entering a danger zone in your leadership health journey, the StrengthCare™ network of partners can help you think through issues, with the goal of returning to a safe well-being posture.

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Well-Being Goals

MinistryPulse™ is Full Strength Network’s check-in and check-up assessment program, which includes a baseline assessment & periodic check-up questions to help track your well-being through time. These mindfulness interventions keep you focused and on track with your well-being goals.

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Well-Being Studies

Strength Journeys™ are in-depth studies in an important element of pastoral well-being, developed by and for ministry professionals, with an eye on improving focus on well-being. These online journeys can be done at your own pace, with the aid of a coach or through self-study. Strength Insights™ are self-study well-being devotionals for pastors.

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